Ready to take your data to the next level? Accessing the Dark Web allows you to uncover data you can't get with your traditional Web search process. With help from BrightPlanet's data harvest technologies, use Dark Web search to gain valuable insight into the important data you need to make effective and proactive decisions that impact your business.


What is the Dark Web?

The Web can be classified into three different sections: Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. 

The Surface Web includes content that can be found through a traditional Google search, while Deep Web content makes up the data that can't be found through this type of traditional search, often requiring a query into a search box. 

The Dark Web goes even deeper than the Deep Web, and is classified as any content intentionally hidden or anonymized online.

The most common area that makes up the Dark Web is found on the TOR network, an anonymous Internet that can be accessed by anyone using a special TOR browser. This network hides who is creating web pages and who is accessing those web pages, allowing for personal freedom and privacy that is impossible to find through traditional Surface Web search and Deep Web search. 


Why Should I Care About Dark Web Data? 

The ability to traverse the Dark Web with complete anonymity has nurtured a platform that increases the amount of illegal activities taking place on the Internet. The illegal sale of drugs, narcotics, and weapons, the unauthorized leak of sensitive information, and credit card and identity theft are all activities that take place on the Dark Web. 

If your organization values intellectual property protection, brand integrity, and the safety of sensitive customer information, you should learn more about the data relevant to your organization that is potentially on the Dark Web.


How Does BrightPlanet Use Dark Web Search? 

As indicated earlier, a major portion of the data that makes up the Dark Web resides on the anonymous Internet known as the TOR network. 

BrightPlanet has built our web data harvesting engine with the ability to operate directly through a standard proxy server, which serves as a middleman between two machines to help mask the identity of where Dark Web data is flowing. 

With this ability to operate our harvest engine through a proxy, BrightPlanet is able to harvest data from the TOR network exactly how we harvest data from the rest of the Internet. This means that we can complete link crawling of data and find web pages based off clickable hyperlinks at Big Data scale from the Dark Web. 



Access the Dark Web with BrightPlanet

BrightPlanet Data-as-a-Service

Having access to Surface Web data and Deep Web data is great. However, uncovering the valuable content within the Dark Web that is relevant to your business brings the data harvest process full-circle, giving you the information you need to make well-informed business decisions. 

Through BrightPlanet's process of harvesting, curating, and developing insights, we are able to help our customers uncover data that will help them make an impact in their particular industry. 

Interested in learning more about the differences between the Deep Web and Dark Web? Download our white paper on Understanding the Deep Web in 10 Minutes to learn how content is classified as Deep Web or Dark Web, discover how data is harvested from the Deep Web and Dark Web, and read Deep Web harvest use cases. 

Have questions about the Dark Web? Let BrightPlanet help you in your Dark Web search process with our Data-as-a-Service technology. Schedule a consultation with a Data Acquisition Engineer and learn how you can start enhancing your data harvest process today.